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why the PEO Pro

Why use The PEO Pro?

  • Our expert, Rhonda Gallaspy, learned the industry as EVP of a PEO.
  • The PEO options we provide have been selected to keep your specific needs.
  • We provide a financial analysis of the bottom line impact of using the PEO
  • We discuss with you the pros and any cons to your business of a PEO relationship (a PEO sales rep will never do this!)
  • We remain actively involved as long as you are in the PEO relationship making sure you are getting the services you need at the best possible rates.
  • We provide additional Human Resources support based on Rhonda’s background as an employment professional.
  • We follow changes in employment laws and health care reform to keep our clients informed and compliant.
  • We monitor our PEOs on an ongoing basis to make sure they are able to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We maintain a membership in the National Association of PEOs (NAPEO) to state up-to-date on changes in the PEO industry.
We are your trusted advisor, not a sales rep. We work for you!