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Using a PEO frees you up to focus on the really important aspects of your business.
That’s why The PEO Pro is your competitive advantage!

Who Does What?


PEO Responsibilities:

• Payroll
• Tax Reporting
• Benefits Administration
• Employee Files
• Employment Law Reporting
• Worker's Compensation

Shared Responsibilities:

• Policy Administration
• Workplace Safety
• Employment Law
• Compliance

Client Responsibilities:

• Set Policies
• Hire Employees
• Workplace Safety
• Timely Reporting of:
      - Payroll
      - Employment Issues
      - Workplace Injuries

The Relationship Is Key

The relationship between a PEO and a client is a co-employment arrangement. The client retains ownership of the company and control over its operations, while the PEO will assume the responsibilities and liabilities associated with payroll, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and benefits.

In general terms, the PEO focuses on employment-related issues and the client is responsible for the actual business operations.