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Love Your Business? Hate The Headaches? We Have Some Relief!

The PEO People

How Does It Work?

  • The PEO Pro Works with you to determine the best, most cost-effective PEO provider to meet your needs.
  • You sign a service agreement with the PEO (all have reasonable cancellation provisions: you are not locked in).
  • Your employees sign paperwork to place them on the payroll of the PEO (we assist with the communication so that employees know they still work for your business and that the PEO is to provide better administrative services and benefits).
  • At the end of the pay period, you submit (online or fax) hours worked for your employees.
  • The PEO figures the payroll, prepares the paychecks and provides you with an invoice which includes the gross payroll, payroll taxes, workers’ comp premium (no deposit or audits required!!) and any benefits you have elected to offer.
  • You make one Accounts Payable entry to account for all these items and distribute paychecks – it could not be easier!